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Command Line Options

Sockso has some extra command line options you can use to change the way it works. You pass these commands to Sockso by running it from the command line and with these options after the startup file (windows.bat or

Disables the GUI, this can be used to run Sockso on a server. You will be presented with a console to manage Sockso. Type help for a full list of the commands.

Tells Sockso where to store/look for all it's data. This can be used to to make Sockso portable for instance, by setting the data directory to wherever you want it to be. The (default) HSQLDB stores its data here, and cached cover images too.

Enable UPNP automatic port forwarding. On startup Sockso will try to forward the correct port from your UPNP enabled router. This requires the optionals package.

Sets the type of messages Sockso will output. "default" is the default and just produces the usual information about what Sockso is doing. "dev" can be used to provide much more detailed information.

--ip=(ip address)
Tell Sockso a fixed IP address to use (by default it'll try and work it out itself).

Here you can specify the language to use for the management interface (through the web interface Sockso will pick the language according to that specified by the users browser).

--query=(optional filename)
Specifies to run a query on the database and output the results as XML instead of starting Sockso. You can specify a file to read the SQL from, or Sockso will try to read the SQL from stdin.

This will tell Sockso whether to load it's resources from the jar file, or look on the filesystem in the resources folder (default).


Run Sockso using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Specifies the location of a keystore to use for SSL

Specifies a password for the SSL keystore


The type of database to use. The MySQL and SQLite database require the optionals installed.

--dbhost=(DNS or IP)
The host for the database server

Database user

Database user's password

Name of the database to use

Prints out information about the command line options.


  • Kris said:
    Got it!

    Sorry ... my failure.

    Off course the command has too be executed like this:

    windows.bat --locale=en
    2014-05-13 10:48:01
  • rod said:
    Kris - the web interface always tries to serve the locale the browser specified - does your browser identify itself as your locale correctly?

    The --locale switch is just for the GUI.
    2014-05-13 10:45:43
  • Kris said:
    i can't set the locale information.
    I tried all in windows.bat an ended with this:

    start javaw -Djava.library.path="lib/std" -jar sockso.jar --locale=en %1 %2 %3 %4 %5


    start javaw -Djava.library.path="lib/std" -jar sockso.jar %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 --locale=en

    Both not working. I also renamed the locales-file, so my country-file is overwritten with the english information. This also did not work, it seemed that the pages are cached with the initial language-settings?! ... in ~"Documents and Settungs/{USER}/.sockso" i couldn't find anything concerning the locale-settings neither cached pages that could be deleted for a re-initialization.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
    2014-05-13 10:43:20

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