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Sockso Server Community

As of version 1.3 Sockso provides a way to make your Sockso server a part of the larger community of Sockso servers people are running. This is an opt-in feature and is not enabled by default.

The Goal

The purpose of this new functionality is to try and unite the disparate Sockso servers that people have running, and allow people to browse and listen to new music as easily as possible.

Sockso started as just a dedicated server for personal use, for just one person, but hopefully if the community takes off people will have a more connected experience.

What it Does

The main visible change is the new Community page on the Sockso website. This page lists Sockso servers that have chosen to be a part of the community. This page is live, so will only list currently running servers should they go up or down.

How to Get Involved

If you'd like your server to become a part of the community just go to the General tab in your Sockso GUI and click the checkbox at the top of the page. As long as your server is publicly accessible you should then shortly start showing up on the website for people to discover.

If you're running without a GUI then this can also be set from the console.

$> propset community.enabled yes


If you've tried to opt-in to the community and your server isn't getting listed on the website then check that your setup is correct, and that the server is available from the internet (if it's not it won't get listed). If it is and you're still having problems try posting in the forum for help.

Beware of...

As with Sockso use in general, the music you make available is up to you, so check you have the right permission to do so before you put it on the internet.


  • vipul said:

    How to change web address sockso server

    2016-06-10 11:24:51
  • Henry Katz said:

    Wondering if anyone has already provided a

    The page is empty so cannot ask there.

    2014-10-02 22:50:03
  • Armin bei said:
    ... IP ... not IE ....
    2013-10-12 07:22:52
  • Armin bei said:
    Dear Rod.

    Howe can I block a User with here IE... wen the user load permanet from the server the last week`s... one one day more then 50 GB!!!!
    Can I block this person with a commend?

    Can you help with this problem or can you impliment a funktion for this problem in sockso?

    Thankyou Rod for you good job with sockso Server...

    2013-10-12 07:21:28
  • Paul said:

    Are you still supporting Sockso? I have not seen any activity in a while. If so Apple OS 6.2 is unable to play songs with HTML5 or JPlayer.
    2013-03-15 17:13:17
  • DocT said:
    Does anyone still monitor this site/page???
    2013-03-03 18:14:51
  • cave said:
    Any one know how to set it up so my ip adress isnt shown in the web search bar...please email
    2012-11-07 10:22:03
  • Armin said:
    Dear Rod,

    my sockso is running in my net is a Fritzbox and in there a DynDNS Option on.
    All time sockso runns from
    But in the Community in youre side my sockso is not find, in "General" Communitylisting is on.
    Can you help?

    (All day from 2 GByte to 10 Gbyte downloads !!!! Supper !!!!)
    2011-10-15 13:18:30
  • Toni Appelqvist said:
    It works ok here. No problem with internet.

    // Toni
    2011-06-04 20:01:14
  • rod said:
    Community listing happens automatically, so if your server is not showing up then check that it is properly visible from the web.
    2011-06-04 18:09:35
  • Toni Appelqvist said:
    Thanks for A superb mediaserver.
    I am impressed.
    How long before my server is listed in your Community ?

    Best regards from the very north of Sweden.
    2011-06-04 12:05:37

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12th May

Sockso 1.5.3 - Bug fix release - fixes broken folder browsing and related artists.

29th April

Sockso 1.5.2 - Bug fix for broken local cover art, and updated French translation.

14th March 2012

Sockso 1.5.1 - Bug fixes for path security hole, API access, and encoded pluses. Along with updated Italian translation, adding ability to extract cover art from ID3 tags.

10th December

Sockso 1.5 - Added ability to add arbitrary meta tags, JPlayer support, HTTP Range header support, bug fixes, and finalised API v1.0

25th July

Sockso 1.4.2 - Fix for fetching cover artwork from Amazon.

24th July

Sockso 1.4.1 - Fixes for unicode output issue, and strict JSON API issue with single quotes.

23rd July

Sockso 1.4 - Added a JSON API to support developing applications on top of Sockso.

8th July

Posted screencast of *VERY* early version of new Sockso iPhone app. Feedback appreciated in the forums.

2nd July

Sockso 1.3.5 - Fix for problem on OSX where Sockso would not start, other minor bug fixes for Flac handling.

26th June

Sockso 1.3.4 - New HTML5 Player for iPad/iOS/etc support from nguillaumin, new 'tinygreen' skin from Simplify, and some bug fixes.

4th May

Sockso 1.3.3 - Album years now shown, Turkish translation added, and MP3 tag library updated (all thanks to badZeppelin!), some bug fixes to ajax page loading.

2nd April

Sockso 1.3.2 - Users can now require approval when registering, and updated ajaxified web interface with embedded player now default.

23rd March

Sockso 1.3.1 - Fix for missing 'colscan' command from console, moved optional libraries location (to upgrade rename your optionals folder from 'lib-opt' to 'lib/opt', and a bug fix for invalid URL characters breaking some playlist files.

17th March

Sockso 1.3 - Created ability to add servers to the new Sockso Community, and you can now run behind Apache without needing a VirtualHost (thanks to LightGlitch!)

5th February

Sockso 1.2.7 - Fix for broken javascript in 1.2.6.

30th January 2011

Sockso 1.2.6 (broken) - Fix for selecting the playlist in some browsers, and added new web admin console.

17th December

Sockso 1.2.5 - Minor bug fix for adding items to the playlist when browsing folders.

10th April

Sockso 1.2.4 - Patches from Will to improve HTTP/HTTPS streaming performance, and HTML compliance, improved music tree in GUI to cope with any size collections, hidden files now ignored on indexing, and some other bugs.

8th February

Sockso 1.2.3 - Fixed broken 1.2.2 release.

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